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We offer you our longest and most diverse experience working with ERP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For your business and organization. We are convinced that with us you will achieve your goals the fastest and with the quality you are looking for.
Diagnosis and planning

ERP systems are a platform with many possibilities. Login Systems pays special attention to the conceptual planning of the ERP-based business information system to ensure the user that the system will work properly, employees will be productive, and the organization will benefit.

Execution of accounting and ERP solutions

Once the system is planned, Login Systems approaches the technical design of the system and its software development based on Microsoft Dynamics Nav (formerly Navision). Login Systems has developed all the necessary modules and program facilities in order to meet the legal regulations in Macedonia.


Additionally, because users have different needs depending on the industry or their internal specifics, Login Systems approaches the programming of additional specific modules and objects to order.

Maintenance and upgrades

Maintenance is a significant activity in the use of the ERP system. Login Systems offers a variety of on-the-job support and maintenance services. In addition to backing up and installing the latest versions of the ERP system, minor adjustments and additions to the appropriate programming solutions can be made during maintenance.


Login Systems offers additional financial and bookkeeping consulting services to companies and organizations that do not have sufficient own human resources. These services include assistance in setting up business processes and bookkeeping schemes, post analysis and tips, corrections, and telephone or on-site assistance.

Strategic management with Balanced Scorecard

Login Systems employees are the only certified persons for management and performance systems based on the Kaplan / Norton Balanced Scorecard methodology. Through methodology and strategic tools, organizations can define their strategy, describe it visually, measure its performance and manage the entire management cycle.

By setting up a Balanced Scorecard, organizations are enabled to set quality and fairer bonus systems for managers and employees in accordance with the successes in the set strategic goals.

Hosting of ERP systems

In case companies and organizations do not want to invest in server infrastructure for their ERP solution, we offer users hosting of the ERP platform either on the servers of Login Systems or to a domestic or foreign hosting provider.

The advantage of this way of using ERP systems is that the organizations will use the system on the principle of subscription instead of paying in advance for hardware and software equipment.

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Founded in 1991, Login Systems is a ERP solutions and service provider based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV / 365 Business Central. 

From the very begining we strive to be a pioneer and leader in the market segments that we serve.


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